Salty Dog 2013

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We’ve already got a contender for this year’s nomination.  Our dad, a.k.a. Big Ron filled his Colorado elk tag this weekend.   Because of some poor scheduling on multiple fronts he wasn’t going to be able to join us this year for our big week-long hunt. So what did he do?  Went out solo, killed a cow and packed her out by himself (’bout 1.5 miles).  I got a text after the fact, that he filled his tag.  When I asked him why he didn’t call for help he said he didn’t have any cell service…  Unless he’d driven down the road for all of about 10 minutes, like any normal person would do.  My hero!  Nice work dad.


He does need to work on his picture taking… 🙂big-ron-and-his-cow

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  1. Len
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    This guy is the man! Talk about someone true to their beliefs and goals, this is him.

  2. Luke Klepper
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    Nice work Uncle Ron!

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