2012 Elk Hunt – Recap

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We got something new to share this year… instead of lots of boring writing we’re moving on to video!  Tim Hall (aka – The Preacher) has taken it upon himself to put all our video and photos together in YouTube clips and is doing a FANTASTIC job!  Can’t thank you enough bud!

Unfortunately, it turns out our video skills aren’t  going to allow us to quit our day jobs quite yet,  but he’s done some amazing stuff with his editing so you won’t need a bottle of motion sickness pills to get through it!

Hope you like it!

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  1. Jake Frankhouser
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    Awesome video. Timbo sure has a steady hand, esp. in the midst of the excitement, and a keen eye for editing. I like the part where the bull explodes, right to the music. Good job you guys..Jake

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