Steven Rinella – Meateater

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I don’t typically plug this type of thing here on Thin Air Outdoors but wanted let everyone know Steven Rinella aka Meateater is now on Netflix (in case you missed it). I’ve never meet Steve but I absolutely love both his books and his show.  He puts out SOLID content and his appreciation for wild game and wild places makes me think of my own upbringing in the outdoors. I truly appreciate how he utilizes each and every part of the animals they’re harvesting, if more sportsmen had his tact in the field my guess is the public at large would view hunters in a much different light.

I always thought we did a good job of getting all the meat out of the field but I’ve definitely learned a thing or two watching his shows. For instance, anyone else making their own stock from bones? – (I have been saving ours for the dogs…).  If you’re looking for a new book or show I highly recommend you checking him out.

That’s my public service announcement for the day.  Now I’m off to try and fill a couple youth turkey tags in Nebraska.  Wish us luck!!

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