Kyle Hurt – Salty Dog Award

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I wanted to give a shout out to our buddy Kyle on taking a great bull in unit 61 this fall.  Congrats brother!!!

Secondly, I’m nominating him for this year’s Salty Dog Award, which I just made up because it seemed so fitting.  Hands down, this award normally goes to Drew because he doesn’t get tired, hungry, cold, etc. and never quits.  But this year Kyle may have beat him out of the title.  In his excitement to make the most of his tag he tore up his feet the day before the opener while trying to find a worthy bull.  So with feet looking like hamburger he still got it done.  He woke up & got after it opening morning,  killed his bull and got it packed out, sausage feet and all!

Anyone second my nomination?

Gotta love it…

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  1. Heidi
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    GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that elk is worth it!!!

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