First Hunt

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Last weekend was pretty exciting and I thought I’d share a couple pics.  Beau passed his Hunter’s Safety class and to celebrate we headed over to the northwest corner of the state to do a little rabbit hunting.  We’d been hearing reports that there was a bumper crop of rabbits this year so I thought that’d make for a perfect first hunt.  We were not let down!

Beau shot his limit using a 22 rifle and I was pretty proud of how he handled himself in the field.  It’s a big day when your “little guy” starts carrying a real gun.  We ended up with 26 rabbits in a couple hours, just a few shy of our limit but I think he’s hooked, so I consider it a success.



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  1. Jake Frankhouser
    | Reply

    Way to go Beau…ooks like lots of fun with Dad, Grandpa and your brother. That will be a memory you will always keep close to your heart.

  2. Drew
    | Reply

    Congratulations Beau! D, we’re a lot closer to your boys packing our elk out someday!

  3. Heidi
    | Reply

    Wow! That’s so awesome. Looks like rabbit stew is on the menu.

    Great job, Beau. I am seriously impressed.

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