Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Resources

Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Resources

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As thoughts turn to upcoming fall hunts and folks begin to plan where they may be going, maybe wondering what states they may be applying for tags or looking to try a new spot.   I thought I’d post some of the more pertinent resources for Colorado Parks & Wildlife website.  For whatever reason the western states websites are some of the most god awful things to navigate and find the information you’re looking for.

In upcoming weeks we’ll try to get some similar information gathered for other western states.

Colorado Big Game Planner (Summary of Season dates and fee’s)

Preference points Summary held

Preference  points required per species

Big Game Brochure

Big Game Unit Map (GMU – Game Management Units)

Interactive mapping

And a reminder for those who missed it, we compiled the 101 guide to using the interactive mapping system a few months back – Mapping/GIS.

Application deadline April 1st – failing to plan, is planning to fail!

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