Wine Making

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For whatever reason I seem to have a penchant for trying new things, I guess I like knowing how things work.   So for the latest bizarre project at the Dworak Household I decided to give wine making a try.  I … Read More

2010 Annual Sausage Day

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We had another great day of sausage making this past weekend.  Couple new guys showed up to give it a shot (cousin Luke, Donovan & Caleb). We finished converting 125 lbs of wild game (elk, deer & wild hog) into … Read More

Chicken Update

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By now some of you may have heard about the “incident” with our chicks, may they rest in peace.  Due to a breakdown in communication the dogs were allowed in the chicken run unsupervised, which resulted in crime scene of … Read More

Bawk – Bawk

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It’s official, we’ve incorporated chickens into our backyard farm. Three Rhode Island Reds and three Ameraucana’s. They’ll be two weeks old on Wednesday and will be living in a box in the basement for the next couple weeks.   In the … Read More

Sausage Making

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Drew, Zack, Trent, Big Ron & myself made approx. 135 lbs. of sausage last weekend.   Everything from summer sausage, brats, polish and various Italian (hot and sweet). We tried adding fresh ingredients (jalapenos, garlic, onion and cheddar cheese) to … Read More

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