Beau’s First Scouting trip

Beau’s First Scouting trip

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We had a good weekend for getting outside and enjoying summer.

Saturday Zack, Beau and I headed up the Poudre Canyon for a little scouting. We started out around 10,000ft and climbed to 11,100ft. over the course of a mile making it one of the steeper hikes I know of. We didn’t see much wildlife which was a bummer but at this altitude I think the animals were just starting to move in since the snow was still melting off the north slopes on July 12th! We did see one moose about 3 miles away while glassing with the binoculars. Overall I think Beau had a great trip.

I pretty much realized I’ve got a lot of work to do over the next six weeks before elk season starts. With Beau in the pack plus all the accessories (diapers, sunscreen, bugspray, water, food, etc.) I had about 45 lbs, which turned out to be a little more than I could comfortably handle. So Zack ended up carrying Beau about half the time, he’s a pretty decent dude. We ended up covering 3 or 4 miles but in some pretty tough county, overall it was a great trip.

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