2013 Next Generation

2013 Next Generation

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For our second year in a row we got the entire family out for the Colorado opener. I picked up a “B” list cow tag, meaning I could harvest a cow and still continue to hunt with my “A” list either sex tag later in the season.beau-and-barrett-walking-up-the-trail


Got lucky and was able to make great shot on this cow. With the freezer full of steaks and burger I can go into our next hunt without any pressure!
IMG_1551IMG_1567IMG_1572I’m not sure what was better having my little guys there or the fact that Wendy strapped into a pack and hauled a quarter 1.5 miles!!

IMG_1575IMG_1582I am truly blessed.

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  1. Drew
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    Nice work Heavy D! Wendy is my new hero for packing out an elk quarter. I think we should put her on the call list for when the next critter goes down!

  2. Jake Frankhouser
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    I did not see the video until today .I love it, It is special.. I think you have some “trackers” in the makin’ and I agree with Drew re: Wendy…Salty Dog nominee??? or would that be nepotism…
    What a wonderful trip for your family. Jake

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