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Sausage Day 2016
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It’s been a while since we’ve done this but glad we finally got back on track.  We converted a lot of lean protein into delicious snacks yesterday!  It was a bit of a marathon as we... Read More

Buck from the Truck
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This is a little late but I spent a weekend this year chasing Mulies on the eastern plains and had a ball. It inspired me to throw up a few pics and video because... Read More

First Hunt
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  Last weekend was pretty exciting and I thought I’d share a couple pics.  Beau passed his Hunter’s Safety class and to celebrate we headed over to the northwest corner of the state... Read More

Bowfishing Boat Build
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I sent a picture of this newly created beast to some good buddies and cousin Luke’s response was “Red red red red red red red redneck”.  Maybe so, but that’s seldom discouraged me... Read More